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Podcast 643 – Carbon Footprint – Part 3

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Paul and Alan Booker continue their discussion on carbon footprints and how to reduce them, covering topics such as electric vehicles, rocket mass heaters, LEED certification and it’s flaws, refurbishment vs building anew, and food’s impact on a footprint. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion More information and discussion of this podcast […]

Podcast 570 – Nate’s Site Review

Published a couple of years ago in Podcasts - 0 Comments

Paul calls up another person who parted with real money to get a rundown of their property – this time Nate from Saint Paul in Minnesota and discuss hugelkultur, railroad ties, retaining walls, raised beds, drainage, and how to avoid the department of making you sad. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion […]

365 – Gaia’s Garden Chapter 11 – Part 1

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Paul and Jocelyn review Toby Hemmenway’s “Gaia’s Garden” chapter 11 about urban gardens. They start out by commemorating Toby’s contribution to Permaculture in general and as a friend specifically since Toby passed away recently. They then go on to describe the urban garden, and how you can use your neighbour’s gardens as a resource and […]

220 – Symphonies in Seed and Soil Permaculture Tour Recap Part 2

In part 2 of the podcast where Paul, Jocelyn, and Eivind recap their permaculture tour. They talk about their time in the San Diego area where Paul did a presentation on replacing irrigation with permaculture. Then they talk about the Phoenix portion where Paul did his ”Thirty tinkerers in thirty minute” presentation. Eivind mentioned that […]

219 – Symphonies in Seed and Soil Permaculture Tour Recap Part 1

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The 2012 Symphonies in Seed and Soil Permaculture Tour is over. During this tour, Paul Wheaton, Jocelyn Campbell, Eivind Bjørkavåg, and Geoff Badenoch visited amazing permaculture sites in the Western United States and met many people. In this podcast, Paul, Jocelyn and Eivind try to remember all the different things that they saw that has not already […]