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Podcast 240 – Poo-Less: Shampoo and Soap less

Credit: Summary prepared by Susan McGuinness About the toxic gunk we rub onto ourselves, plus a bit about diet, and what to do about it. Paul and Jocelyn discuss personal hygiene strategies from their different cultural perspectives. Paul may be presenting himself as an example of germ-conscious but not overly-sensitive ‘guy’. Jocelyn has various sensitivities […]

193 – Listener Questions and Land

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Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell about listener questions. The German-ish podcast, according to Paul, was a bust. Paul and Jocelyn stop to observe a mullein plant. Paul mentions his kickstarter towards getting land. Paul talks about a permaculture deck of cards. Paul talks about how the Nature Conservancy sprays a lot on their land. […]