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podcast 526 – Wheaton Interviewed

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In an interesting inversion of the usual podcast formula, this time Paul is sat down and interviewed by the Local Leaders of the 21st Century Club of Pleasanton, California. He gets asked questions such as “who are you and Sepp Holzer”, “how do you save energy”, “how can we be more sustainable”, and several more. […]

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podcast 409 – Listener questions – Part 2

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In this podcast, Paul and Jocelyn continue answering listener questions. They start with the rest of the answer to Amy Grisak’s questions for Paul from podcast 408. Question #4 – What are some of your favorite polyculture plants? Paul – Rhubarb and comfrey definitely top his list Jocelyn – Likes to grow lots of herbs […]

352 – Bits and Bobs

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Paul and Jocelyn recorded the podcast while they were on the road. They talk about many bits and bobs that had built up over the few weeks they went without recording a podcast. They cover many topics: driving in the snow, changing the tractor fluids, poo-less status, Paul’s cervical radiculopathy, the religious podcast, getting the […]