352 – Bits and Bobs

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Paul and Jocelyn recorded the podcast while they were on the road. They talk about many bits and bobs that had built up over the few weeks they went without recording a podcast. They cover many topics: driving in the snow, changing the tractor fluids, poo-less status, Paul’s cervical radiculopathy, the religious podcast, getting the RMH DVD to be free for Amazon Prime members.

They mentioned about their trip to the Pacific coast the week of January 15th. They will be going to Portland, Seattle, Yakima, and Coeur d’Alene. Paul is doing a consultation, a few talks and Jocelyn is visiting family and clients.

Paul and Jocelyn thanked people who gave them some presents: a hat from someone in Europe, Jacqueline Freeman’s latest book.

The next podcast will be about how to solve the world problems in your backyard. It is a response to Derrick Jensen’s article that said the world could not be saved in one’s backyard. In response to that article, Paul wants to write a book on that topic. He would need help, because Jocelyn is too busy. He thinks that 90% of the book’s content is already written in multiple posts.

They ended the podcast by talking about the new forum features available to PIE members.

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