353 – Saving the World in your Backyard Part 1

Paul and Jocelyn are talking about solving global problems in one’s backyard in response to Derrick Jensen’s article “Forget Shorter Showers”. However, they start the podcast by talking about permaculture author and educator Toby Hemenway passing away. They also talk about permies.com moderator John Polk passing away.

Paul mentions that he thinks Derrick is one of Permaculture’s great and that he agrees with most things he says, BUT that he thinks there is another way. Paul says that he thinks that to solve global problems, we must start with solutions in our backyard and then scale them.

Paul and Jocelyn start by talking about a graph that shows the major sources of carbon emissions in the US. The two main sources are electricity and heating. They talk about how rocket mass heaters and proper woodland management could reduce them. They also talk about ways to reduce the emissions from transportation. They conclude part one by talking water conservation.

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