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353 – Saving the World in your Backyard Part 1

Paul and Jocelyn are talking about solving global problems in one’s backyard in response to Derrick Jensen’s article “Forget Shorter Showers”. However, they start the podcast by talking about permaculture author and educator Toby Hemenway passing away. They also talk about moderator John Polk passing away. Paul mentions that he thinks Derrick is one […]

344 – Keys To Building a Healthy Soil – Part 1

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Paul and friends at Wheaton Labs give a group review of Gabe Browns 58 minute video entitled “Gabe Brown: Keys To Building a Healthy Soil” which includes lots of permaculture. Paul begins the podcast with a talk about non-native vs native plants. Natives are typically better adapted and people are worried about invasive species pushing […]

341 – Hugelkultur Listener Questions With Cassie – Part 3

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Paul continues answering permies’ members questions about hugelkultur with Cassie. If you live in an area where there is 100% sand should you import topsoil? When you have pure sand, Paul says to never buy topsoil, however he will see a spot in a field with good soil and they are about to develop it […]

340 – Hugelkultur Listener Questions With Cassie – Part 2

Paul continues to lie on his back (secondary to his spinal issues – listen to the previous podcast) and field questions from Cassie about hugelkultur: “What about hugelkultur beds without wood?” First, Paul tells you how you can get a 6’ hugelkultur berm by piling up 3’ and then digging 3’ deep trenches on either […]

Podcast 273 – Earthworks DVD Set

Come walk with Paul and Jocelyn through the snow (the VERY crunchy snow) up at the laboratory! Jocelyn wants to walk, and Paul is willing, if they also create a new podcast while they walk. If people keep posting topic requests at, this may happen regularly. You get a sense of what it looks […]

Podcast 253 – Review of the earthworks workshop

Credit: Summary prepared by Micky Ewing In this podcast Paul talks with Diego Footer & Joey D’Elia about the 3 day Earthworks workshop Paul held in San Diego on March 6-8, just prior to the 2013 Southern California Permaculture Convergence where Paul was the Keynote speaker. Paul and Diego start by talking a bit about […]

Podcast 250 – Review of Sepp Holzer’s visit Part 4

It’s Bill and Paul, back together again to talk some MORE about Sepp’s visit to the United States in the spring of 2013. But first Paul puts in a plug for the Permaculture Voices conference that is going to take place near San Diego in March of 2014. Just about every cool permaculture and permaculture-adjacent superstar […]

Podcast 237 – Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 6

Paul talks with Chad, Zach, Bill and Judith about chapter 6 of Sepp Holzer‘s permaculture. They talk about Sepp’s worldwide projects. They also talk about the upcoming visit of Sepp Holzer to the United States in March and April 2013. You can discuss this podcast on this thread at Permies.

224 – Poop Beast Part 2

Paul Wheaton and Heath Carrey continue their discussion on sewage treatment and poop beasts that started in podcast 223. They continue with their concerns on using the wood from the poplar project because of the pharmaceutical, the chemicals, and the heavy metals that could be present in the poop Kool-Aid. Heath talks about what the poplar project […]

223 – Poop Beast Part 1

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After visiting Missoula’s wastewater treatment plant, Paul and Heath Carrey from Montana organization of Soil scientist talk about human bodily waste management and poop beasts. They talk about the poplar project of the Missoula wastewater treatment plant to process poop Kool-Aid by putting it on a plot of poplar trees as a way to reduce the amount of […]

222 – Polyculture Food, Land Search Update, and Cancer

In this podcast, Paul is in the car by himself and covers various subjects among which are polyculture food, land search update, and cancer. He talks about the Bullet Proof Executive. He mentions that he thinks like that author that grass fed beef is the healthiest food in a supermarket. Paul’s opinion is that grass […]

220 – Symphonies in Seed and Soil Permaculture Tour Recap Part 2

In part 2 of the podcast where Paul, Jocelyn, and Eivind recap their permaculture tour. They talk about their time in the San Diego area where Paul did a presentation on replacing irrigation with permaculture. Then they talk about the Phoenix portion where Paul did his ”Thirty tinkerers in thirty minute” presentation. Eivind mentioned that […]