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Podcast 627 – 2022 PTJ Recap Session 2 – Part 1

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Paul gets another batch of instructors from last year’s Permaculture Technology Jamboree in to discuss what they did for the event, namely getting a Mongolian yurt in, the earthworks necessary for building it on a steep slope, an offer for paid videography, and roundwood picnic tables. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion […]

Podcast 624 – 2022 PTJ Recap – Part 1

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Paul calls up about a third of his instructors (Alan Booker, Chris McClellan aka Uncle Mud, Opalyn Rose, Samantha Lewis, and Beau Davidson) from last year’s Permaculture Technology Jamboree to just go over what was taught there and some on the plans for this year’s PTJ. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion […]

Podcast 576 – Jennie Site Review – Part 1

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Once again, Paul calls someone who paid him for a consultation on their land – this time Jennie in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, and covering topics such as earthworks, berms, hugelkultur, fencing, composting, and mouse control. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion More information and discussion of this podcast on […]

291 – Beacon Food Forest

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Paul and Jocelyn are recording a podcast at the Beacon food forest in Seattle. They sorta snuck out there to visit a friend in the hospital, but took some time to visit this permaculture project and record a podcast. First, Paul talks about a visit he made months ago to a Dave Jacke workshop in […]

Podcast 274 – Earthworks DVD Set Part 2

It’s been three weeks, time for another walking/talking podcast with Paul and Jocelyn! Somehow 14 inches of snow isn’t nearly as CRUNCHY as last time. Jocelyn’s arm is still in a cast, and she’s not supposed to use that arm at all, so she’s really glad that she’s living in community right now. The Kickstarter […]

Podcast 273 – Earthworks DVD Set

Come walk with Paul and Jocelyn through the snow (the VERY crunchy snow) up at the laboratory! Jocelyn wants to walk, and Paul is willing, if they also create a new podcast while they walk. If people keep posting topic requests at permies.com, this may happen regularly. You get a sense of what it looks […]

Podcast 272 – Review of Desert or Paradise DVD

Paul, Emily Aaston & Tony Aiuppa discuss the video “Desert or Paradise”, starring the mighty, the glorious, the amazing Sepp Holzer, which Paul got from Zak Weis in a trade for his 4 DVD set. Paul says he scheduled the podcast to get away from angry stuff. He mentioned a guy who was bashing Sepp […]

Podcast 253 – Review of the earthworks workshop

Credit: Summary prepared by Micky Ewing In this podcast Paul talks with Diego Footer & Joey D’Elia about the 3 day Earthworks workshop Paul held in San Diego on March 6-8, just prior to the 2013 Southern California Permaculture Convergence where Paul was the Keynote speaker. Paul and Diego start by talking a bit about […]