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344 – Keys To Building a Healthy Soil – Part 1

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Paul and friends at Wheaton Labs give a group review of Gabe Browns 58 minute video entitled “Gabe Brown: Keys To Building a Healthy Soil” which includes lots of permaculture. Paul begins the podcast with a talk about non-native vs native plants. Natives are typically better adapted and people are worried about invasive species pushing […]

Podcast 253 – Review of the earthworks workshop

Credit: Summary prepared by Micky Ewing In this podcast Paul talks with Diego Footer & Joey D’Elia about the 3 day Earthworks workshop Paul held in San Diego on March 6-8, just prior to the 2013 Southern California Permaculture Convergence where Paul was the Keynote speaker. Paul and Diego start by talking a bit about […]

Podcast 244 – Mark Vander Meer on soil restoration

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This is a presentation given by Mark Vander Meer at the 2012 Inland Northwest Permaculture convergence. Mark is a soil scientist who works as a wild restoration ecologist in Montana. His presentation focuses on soil restoration and is very much question driven. He starts off by talking about the water shed death spiral where the […]

Podcast 231 – Listener Questions with Ben Lawson Part 1

In this podcast Paul talks with Ben Lawson of Cross Bull Ranch in Topanga, CA. Paul and Ben jump right in by discussing alternatives to using newspaper and cardboard when creating a new garden bed rapidly. Paul tells Ben that it is better to add a bit of texture to the landscape and using resources […]

230 – Review of Hands-On Agronomy

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Paul and Helen Atthowe review the DVD Hands-On Agronomy. They talk about soil structure, amendments and fertility. They talk about limitations of nutrients accumulators. You can discuss this podcast on this thread at Permies. Sponsor for this podcast: Pantry Paratus