Podcast 231 – Listener Questions with Ben Lawson Part 1

In this podcast Paul talks with Ben Lawson of Cross Bull Ranch in Topanga, CA.

Paul and Ben jump right in by discussing alternatives to using newspaper and cardboard when creating a new garden bed rapidly. Paul tells Ben that it is better to add a bit of texture to the landscape and using resources you already have in the surround land. They then move into discussing HUSP and Paul’s search for land.

Ben has big dreams on using a hydro-seeding techniques creating a quick seeding of permaculture approved planting. While it is an “instant farm” kind of idea, Paul thinks there may be permaculture applications in the future.

Ben asks Paul what he would do if he had a Blue Sky Budget, meaning he has unlimited money, and total public approval. Listen in for a bit of Paul’s plans on world domination and plants for promoting permaculture.

Ben and Paul then discuss the movie Plastic Planet, although Paul has not seen it yet, he says he is going to add it to his list of films to watch. They then move on to discuss growing grains, to make flours for pies in particular.

This podcast continues in part 2.

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