220 – Symphonies in Seed and Soil Permaculture Tour Recap Part 2

In part 2 of the podcast where Paul, Jocelyn, and Eivind recap their permaculture tour. They talk about their time in the San Diego area where Paul did a presentation on replacing irrigation with permaculture.

Then they talk about the Phoenix portion where Paul did his ”Thirty tinkerers in thirty minute” presentation. Eivind mentioned that he thought urban permaculture was the most prevalent in this area.

After they left the Phoenix area, they went to Boulder, UT where Paul did his last presentation of this permaculture tour: “Making the Big Bucks with Permaculture”. Paul, Jocelyn and Eivind comment on how there is overlap between Paul’s audience and Jack Spirko’s at The Survival Podcast. Paul also praises Jack for his videos on permaculture. In Boulder, they also visited a farm: True Nature Farm.

On their way back to Missoula, they visited with Andrew Monkhouse who was part of podcast 100 on CFL Compact Fluorescent lightbulbs.

The last part of the podcast is about the post Permaculture tour portion where Paul, Jocelyn, and Eivind went to Place of Gathering in Dayton, MT to look at the Hugelkulture beds Sepp Holzer built in May 2012. Those beds are filled with polycultures of carrots, kale, mustards, etc.

The tour ends with a visit to Mike Oehler.

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