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221 – Paul Answers Permaculture Related Questions from Eivind Bjørkavåg

Published 11 years ago in chickens , Community , Permaculture , Podcasts - 0 Comments

Paul answers Eivind’s permaculture related questions. They talk about chickens and Paul expresses again how he dislikes chicken tractor. Eivind talks about the book City Chicks by Patricia Foreman that he has been reading on the trip. He says how he is disapointed that the author thinks that one can only grow up to 20% of the chicken’s feed whereas with the Chicken 2.0 techniques one could meet all the feed needs. They go on and talk about broody hens and how it is important for chicks to learn from a mama hen.

Eivind and Paul talk about community and how who you are with and not where you are is what makes a difference. Eivind gets poetic and says that permaculture can create a garden of Eden anywhere. They talk about aesthetic and of Friendly Haven Rise farm.

They end the podcast talking about next year’s tour.

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