222 – Polyculture Food, Land Search Update, and Cancer

In this podcast, Paul is in the car by himself and covers various subjects among which are polyculture food, land search update, and cancer.

He talks about the Bullet Proof Executive. He mentions that he thinks like that author that grass fed beef is the healthiest food in a supermarket. Paul’s opinion is that grass fed beef is the only polyculture food in there.

He goes on and talk about the food from Sepp Holzer’s project in Dayton, MT. He recalls a discussion with Michael, the land manager, about how food grown in polyculture should be sold at a premium because it is healthier and tastier. He also talks about the importance of not irrigating for better taste and nutrition.

Paul gives an update on the land search and mentions that Kickstarter does not allow for real estate. His plan is now to do 2 DVD on Kickstarter. One of them will be about growing a lemon tree in Montana.

Paul is looking for seeds for his new farm: low tannin acorns, Meyer lemon seeds, etc. Start a thread at Permies.com if you have any.

Paul expresses his new theory on why the permaculture bigs are cranky people. He talks about needing an assistant.

He finishes the podcast with some thoughts on cancer and an update from Helen Atthowe.


The Kickstarters has not been started yet.
Paul is in the middle of paperwork with buying land.
An assistant has been found but volunteers are much needed.