Podcast 259 – Update from The Laboratory

Credit: Sally Chang

Five people and five days at the lab. Getting Paul caught up on progress, sightings and other less interesting stuff.

First on the list is the POOPER: there are concerns about the strength of the structure and proper venting. Should garbage cans or plastic wheely bins be used for storage. Rafters are up and the roof is taking shape. Workers spent time splitting Tamarack shakes for roofing. Big trees are better because they have more material available without knots. A mountain lion was sighted while guys were out felling a tree. There are also concerns about black bears so some people are packing but to date no one has been bothered. A discussion ensues about the awesomeness of the electric vehicles. and the importance of timely maintenance. And, kudos to all who participated in garbage pick-up.

Second, Brennan did a masterful impersonation of Spiderman while tacking up cardboard on the roof of the office/garage on the hottest day of the summer so far. Third, Charlie found a spring but, unfortunately, it’s probably on USFS land. Baby goats love trucks and the LGD is stern with a chicken.

Fourth, the paid position of kitchen commander is being offered.

Fifth, there are a couple of workshops coming up: rocket mass heater and the farmstead meatsmith guys. Owen Halbutzel is visiting and a podcast is forthcoming.

Sixth, the toxic gick, which turned out to be diazinon, was removed from the future intern storage area.

Seventh, a friendly neighbor sprayed a little 2-4-D on the edges of the property. Hopefully, that won’t happen again.

Finally, everyone cheated and let Paul win at poker…

There are gobs of pictures from the land here

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