Podcast 275 – Chicken Tractors Debate

Sam, Petey, Emily, Jocelyn, & Paul have a discussion and rebuttal of the Paul Wheaton versus Darby Simpson Chicken Tractoring Duel (TSP Episode 1297).

Items discussed:
Chicken Tractors vs. Salatin style Pen vs. Paddock Shift
Scalable systems.
Tractors: the philosophy v the contraption
The scorched earth philosophy.

Will Paul raise chickens at the Laboratory? Lots of reasons not to are listed.

Poop factor for chickens and people.

Is grain supplementing necessary? What about winter?
How to deal with hawks?
Livestock Guard Dogs & well placed bushes.

Will people pay for pastured chickens?
Not more labor if paddocks are permanent.

Elements that can be in a paddock which can not be in a pen or tractor include:
Trees; shrubs; Hugelkulturs; textured landscape; running water;

Stress v no stress.
Is it a soul draining experience or a soul enriching experience?

Are chickens as sustainable as beef or pork?
The ad nauseum fallacy.
Electric fence donuts – article.
Typical day – article.
Permanent fencing v electric.
When is paddock shift not the best scenario?
Chickens eating ice cream or toxins.
Best use of a chicken tractor is as a brooder.

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Credit: Cj Verde