388 – Permaculture Smackdown on Kickstarters

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This is the podcast for the Permaculture Smackdown with Josiah Wallingford, Cliff, Michelle and Tuesday! Cliff Ponder was in the boot program at Wheaton Labs. Michelle was there as well, she wasn’t a boot but she did lots of things. They were there for the 2017 PDC and ATC and there they met Josiah. They have a Kickstarter going on RIGHT NOW (ends February 22) and they asked for Paul’s advice, and they implemented it.

Josiah says one of the best things about a PDC is the people you meet, and Cliff and Michelle were some of the best things about the 2017 PDC for him. The Ponders showed up in March, there was still snow. Cliff helped out with the broken well comedy. They showed up to be gappers and then Paul offered that if Cliff put in some weeks as a boot, he could take the PDC.

Paul really wants this Kickstarter to succeed. These are 3 people who have donated much time and effort to Paul’s projects.This is not just a tour with documentation, the main project is producing these courses. Each person they visit is going to teach something you may want to know. The courses will have interactivity – you will “meet” like minded people in the other folks taking the course along with you and be able to have your questions answered. There will be live events where you can directly interact with the instructor and your classmates.

Paul notes he’s put a lot of his stuff into the Kickstarter pledge levels – please go and see what they are offering!

Credit: Julia Winter and Craig Dobbson

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