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podcast 409 – Listener questions – Part 2

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In this podcast, Paul and Jocelyn continue answering listener questions. They start with the rest of the answer to Amy Grisak’s questions for Paul from podcast 408. Question #4 – What are some of your favorite polyculture plants? Paul – Rhubarb and comfrey definitely top his list Jocelyn – Likes to grow lots of herbs […]

podcast 403 – Bits and Bobs towards Critical Mass – part 2

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Paul Wheaton and Bill Erickson, a permies.com staff member, continue the podcast with discussion on what Paul would do differently if someone gave him a million dollars (in case anyone is wondering we are sure Paul would be open to it if you would like to make such a donation) and he could go back […]

podcast 399 – Hugelkultur at basecamp

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Paul and Fred discuss the history and report on the progress of the hugelkultur berms at basecamp. The podcast starts out with a brief history of why the berms were created, how they were created, the components included in the berm itself, and the part the berms are playing in improving soil conditions. In the […]