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Podcast 248 – Paul’s Farm

Paul and Jocelyn start the podcast talking about the fact that Paul found his “Paulcano“. They then move on talking about naming the farm and that many names were suggested. They move on to describe base camp(BC), how people ended up chiping in money to allow purchasing it and how Paul is happy to be […]

193 – Listener Questions and Land

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Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell about listener questions. The German-ish podcast, according to Paul, was a bust. Paul and Jocelyn stop to observe a mullein plant. Paul mentions his kickstarter towards getting land. Paul talks about a permaculture deck of cards. Paul talks about how the Nature Conservancy sprays a lot on their land. […]

189 – Getting Land

Paul Wheaton drives to Ernie and Erica Wisner‘s house in the Okanagan Highlands to look at their new innovations in rocket mass heaters. Paul talks about the people who help out at permies.com, and how they are also helping themselves. He makes a few mentions of husp (Horticulture of the United States of Pocahantas). Paul […]