Podcast 248 – Paul’s Farm

Paul and Jocelyn start the podcast talking about the fact that Paul found his “Paulcano“. They then move on talking about naming the farm and that many names were suggested. They move on to describe base camp(BC), how people ended up chiping in money to allow purchasing it and how Paul is happy to be part of such a community. Jocelyn mentions that workshops will not be confirmed until BC closes.

They describe Deep roots before moving on to a description of the farm. Paul mentions that there is currently no water on the land, but he plans on bringing back a creek. Jocelyn describes how lush the undergrowth on the land felt in comparison to some other areas she has been to. She has taken a lot of pictures.

They talk about the equipment that will be brought to the land: a track hoe for doing the earthworks, an electric cart (aka UTV) for snow removal and road shaping, an electric Peterson sawmill, a propane generator to avoid gasoline spills, just to name a few. Paul mentions that he does not see the need for a tractor since he will have the track hoe. A tipi will be installed on the land in a few days. The plan is to have Ernie and Erica build a rocket mass heater to heat it. A couple already volunteered to spend next winter in the tipi.

They then talk about money streams and the goal to get out of debt as soon as possible. Paul mention about auctioning the creek name or the mountain name at BC. Paul then outlines the requirements to get on the land: listen to most of his podcasts. He thinks that it will avoid wasting of time explaining everything, act as a jetpack for moving projects forward, and reduce conflicts.

Paul and Jocelyn move to the hot topic of workshops. Jocelyn has created threads about the different ones that are in the plans on Paul’s farm forum. They then put a lot of emphasis on keeping the location of the land secret to avoid unannounced visits. They touch the subject of exit plan aka parachute.

They talk about some of the projects Pauls has for the land: building lots of berms, hugelkultur raised garden beds, ponds, bringing back streams, building a Wheely bin pooper, building tefas, growing citrus in Montana.

They mention that although they are looking for a lot of seeds, they would rather not have them until they move to BC in June.

Paul talks about the division of the land, even though it will probably not be for a few years and how he renamed the original areas from Organic, Permaculture, Symbiculture, and HUSP to Oehla (Organic entry level area), Perm, Symbu, and Huspa.

Paul clarifies that it will not be possible to do just camping if coming to the land, but that rather, people will have to have listened to podcast and be there to help.

Paul and Jocelyn conclude the podcast by talking about the mission, the home for the humble (year round woofing for pod-people), and village economy.

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