380 – Dealing with community drama – part 4

Paul and Jocelyn continue to address some intentional community 3.0 issues. They start off by addressing the claim that they were locking a “historically” public road, which was proven by local authorities not to be public. They talk about the issues with Allerton Abbey, which were fixed in the summer. They talk about the bounty payments, and feast nights. They speculate on what might have happened with the Ants. Paul and Jocelyn then talk about some other critisms of Wheaton Labs: the Fouch video and the Puddle people. Jocelyn mentions the stress and disappointment that the Ant issues and criticisms created over the last few months. Paul and Jocelyn finish the podcast on a positive note talking about the way forward. They mention the peasant PDC that will occur in May 2018 (more details to come).

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