339 – Hugelkultur Listener Questions With Cassie – Part 1

Paul and Cassie start off the podcast with the announcement that Cassie is launching the North American version of the Permaculture Magazine. She talks about the content and how it will be geared towards a North American audience, and how most of it will be different from the mother magazine in the UK. They mention that their is a 10% discount on subscription to the magazine for PIE members.

They then go on to talk about what is going on at Wheaton Lab. They talk about the Ant Village Challenge and how there is only a few spots left. Paul mentions some of the perks that are included for the participants in the challenge and stresses that it turns out to be extremely cheap rent. Paul then mentions about the PRI certified PDC that will be held by Howard Story and Tim Barker at the Lab at the end of May and beginning of June. The PDC will be followed by an appropriate technology course. One of the ants, Evan, is also holding a very inexpensive peasant workshop and festival in October, where many homesteading skills will be taught.

Paul then describes the affliction that he has, and that has caused him not to be able to sit or stand very long for a couple of months. He explains how ice cream sammiches (yes sammiches) have been helping him recover…

They then talk about Ernie and Erica Wisner’s upcoming book on rocket mass heaters and how they are currently running a kickstarter to fund the book. Paul said that he has read the book, and that it is amazing.

They also give an update on Paul’s own rocket mass heater new DVD set, and how it got delayed for many reasons.

They finally get to the main topic of the podcast series, which is forum user’s questions on hugelkultur beds.

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