Podcast 247 – Review of 2013 Sepp Holzer’s visit part 2

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Summary prepared by Cassie Rauk

This is the sequel of Podcast 245 – Review of 2013 Sepp Holzer’s visit part 1. In part 2, Paul and Bill jump right into to talking about the Bozeman event.

He starts by telling us a story about Kristy flying into Bozeman on the same plane as Sepp Holzer, needless to say she was super excited! Sepp was depressed while flying over the Rockies, and said that most of the trees and plants are dying. He gets frustrated because the fixes are so easy and could be transformed within a couple of days.

The Sepp event in Bozeman sold out very fast, it topped out at 50 people and Paul and Permies did a lot of help the even sell out as fast as it did. One of the Permie ticket winners is from Alaska and was able to talk with Sepp about permaculture design using things like crater gardens and earth berms and other techniques he can use to grow food in harsh environments. Sepp shared some of the techniques that he used in Siberia.

Paul was sick when the event started but it did not stop people from wanting to stay in the Permies house, Paul says his house was full of cool people.

The event was hosted at a 50-acre property with a very slight slope and a meandering creek that was dry at parts of the year. The landowner does not have water rights to the creek. Sepp did not really understand the water rights issue, but that may have been because of the language and cultural barrier.

They discussed a pond/lake that Sepp wanted to build on the site. The state and county bureaucratic mess can cause huge problems and Paul tells us that sometimes it is best to ask for forgiveness instead of asking for permission. It is best to do your homework up front before starting your project.

Sometimes the department of making you sad can be a real drag.

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