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Podcast 643 – Carbon Footprint – Part 3

Published 8 months ago in Podcasts - 0 Comments

Paul and Alan Booker continue their discussion on carbon footprints and how to reduce them, covering topics such as electric vehicles, rocket mass heaters, LEED certification and it’s flaws, refurbishment vs building anew, and food’s impact on a footprint. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion More information and discussion of this podcast […]

podcast 529 – Permaculture Smackdown 2 – Part 1

Published 3 years ago in Podcasts - 0 Comments

Episode two of the Permaculture Smackdown! Joining Paul this time are Opalyn Rose, Katie, and Mark. Like the previous Smackdown, this one is a Q&A on a variety of topics, with the main questions covering Rocket Mass Heater fuel, livestock grazing, and the status of the PEP badge revisions. Support the podcast on Patreon Show […]

205 – Permaculture Presentation at Ludemans in Beaverton, Oregon – Part II

Paul answers more questions from the Beaverton presentation. Topics covered during the Q&A were having hugelkulture beds in conjunction with livestock, hugelkulture orientation, cattle feed, going hayless, reclamation of land, beneficial plants for reclamation, grafting and how to choose the ideal parcel of land to start fresh with permaculture. Also slopeland, wofati, rotational grazing, riparian […]