093 – Urban Permaculture – Geoff Lawton

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Paul Wheaton talks to Kane Jamison of Seattle Homestead, Lacia Lynne Bailey, and Jocelyn Campbell, reviewing the Urban Permaculture DVD with Geoff Lawton. Lacia uses a paddock shift system for urban pastured poultry, and raises urban dairy goats. Paul talks about permaculture and lawns. He likes the “mowable meadow.” Lacia calls it the “photosynthesizing gathering space.” Lawton advocates turning urban lawns into foodscapes. They talk about how all you have to do in a mature permaculture system is harvest. “Fedge” is a food hedge that keeps your animals in. Lawton uses lots of vertical space in creative ways, and says, “the more limitations you have inspire more creativity.” For intensive use of space, aquaponics has its place. Paul is not normally a fan of it, but is a fan of aquaculture. Paul talks about the toxicity of cardboard and newspaper. They talk about using greywater. They talk about predators in permaculture systems, and go into discussing birds. They talk about raising chickens, and water enhanced with nutrients from manure. Paul shares about Lawton’s project with an urban school for kids with challenges, and its positive impact. Paul recommends building a berm when people are next to a main street. They then talk about woodchips. Jocelyn brings up using pine boughs for chicken bedding and scraping mud off of boots. They then talk about composting, and the Jean Pain method of heating your showers with the compost pile.

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