278 – Gaia’s Garden Chapter 10

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After almost 2 years, Paul and Jocelyn are back reading Gaia’s Garden. Mostly home scale, zone 1, zone 2. One of the best parts of this chapter is the table in the middle.
Tying guilds into a unified landscape. The role of [productive] trees, trees as the foundation of a forest. The yields of trees is far superior to that of annuals. Mention of Robert Hart, Bullock Brother, Patrick Whitefield. 3 layer food forest vs. 7 layer. Trees with dense canopies aren’t good choices. Better choices are multifunctional fruit and nut trees. This chapter is like a summary & review of preceding chapters. A culmination of the preceding chapters. Once the food forest takes off, the kids will abandon their lawn for the more enchanting forest. Establish zone one first, then establish outward. They talk about succession in time. Paul mentions his 2 extra/pay only book reviews, Just Enough & Botany in a Day, available on Scubbly.

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Credit: Cj Verde