100 – CFL Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Paul talks with Andrew Monkhouse, an epileptic friend of his from the world of software engineering. Andrew shares his story of discovering what triggered his attacks. He shares about the frequency of fluorescent lights, and how it affects him. Fluorescent lights take a while to warm up enough to its full brightness. Paul gets into his research on compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Incandescent lightbulbs will be banned in the U.S. this new year. They pretty much were banned in Australia in 2008, while CFLs were about $1.50. CFLs are now around $8.00. Paul goes into his theory of why this is, involving CFL subsidies. Paul shares about his CFL test and experiments that have already been done. Paul talks about the efficiency ratings of CFLs, and clears up a few details. Paul expresses his frustration with greenwashing and people making money at others’ expense via lying. Paul talks about how CFLs will not live up to what they are rated hour-wise when flipped on and off regularly. Paul mentions The Lightbulb Conspiracy and planned obsolescence, and expresses his frustration over the US being more about shenanigans than about sincere innovation and moving forward. Incandescent lights put out heat. Paul talks about luminosity of new vs old bulbs, as well as how long it takes CFLs to fully light. There have been studies done on how fluorescent lights affect students IQs. Paul talks about mercury and CFL toxixity. Paul talks about changing filaments in order to reuse incandescent lightbulbs. Paul shares that half of home power usage in American homes is for heat. One third of those homes use electric heat. Wofatis require no heat. Rocket mass heaters cut your heat needs way down, and burn very clean. Paul talks about saving energy.

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