099 – Lessons from the Forest

Paul talks with Jack Spirko ofthesurvivalpodcast.com on lessons from the forest. Some points: 1. Contour is king. The healthiest trees on Jack’s forest were already on the contour lines. 2. The forest floor is a lake. There is about an inch of rainfall in the first 3 inches deep of forest. You don’t irrigate what’s already in a lake. Paul talks about bringing back creeks by thinking about the soil and fungus within it as a sponge. Trees pump water that is down deep up. 3. Slow water creates life. 4. Hugelkultur is formed by nature. 5. Nature never monocrops. 6. Water will always move at right angle to contour unless obstructed. 7. Death creates life. 8. Plowing and turning soil is for idiots. There’s no tilling in the forest–except from underneath.9. Pests don’t exist. 10. Sustainable systems require animals. 11. Every single thing about modern agriculture is wrong.
Paul and Jack also talk about Sepp Holzer, and creating a “recipe card” for permaculture newbies. Jack shares about how awesome lambsquarters is. Paul and Jack talk about veganism and health, especially the paleo diet. They talk about greenwashing and CFLs.
Discussing the podcast.

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