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190 – Raise Cattle Without Hay

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Paul Wheaton talks to Owen Hablutzel about raising cattle without hay. Owen is a certified practioner from Holistic Management International. He also works with permaculture and keyline frameworks. Owen talks about paddock shift system. Holistic management evolved into the paddock shift system. They talk about how you may get more forage regrowth in return for […]

125 – Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 2

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Paul Wheaton continues reviewing Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture with Kelda Miller, reading chapter 2 on alternative way to keep livestock. Sepp likes old pig breeds, and talks about using pigs around fruit trees and how grazing animals help biodiversity. Paul shares about doing the paddock shift sytem with his pigs. He mentions Allan Savory‘s wagon wheel method, and how he prefers using […]

124 – Organic Farm Income and Cattle

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about Paul’s brother, Tim, coming to Missoula to pick up a cattle trailer. They talk about selling farmer to restaurant or farmer to consumer, and financial motivation for going organic. Jocelyn talks about being willing to pay more for cleaner, healthier food. Make sure the cattle do not eat […]

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