190 – Raise Cattle Without Hay

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Paul Wheaton talks to Owen Hablutzel about raising cattle without hay. Owen is a certified practioner from Holistic Management International. He also works with permaculture and keyline frameworks. Owen talks about paddock shift system. Holistic management evolved into the paddock shift system. They talk about how you may get more forage regrowth in return for practicing a paddock shift system. They talk about various types of grazing. They talk about plant over-resting, and over-grazing. They talk about the difference between continuous grazing and rotational grazing. Owen mentions the book, Kick the Hay Habit. They talk about the work and cost of hay vs. straw. They talk about plant nutrition for your animals, and what kinds of foods cattle will eat in winter. Paul talks about the value of texture in a landscape. They touch on mob grazing. Paul talks about replacing irrigation with permaculture, and utilizing hugelkultur.
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