191 – Resilience Science

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Paul Wheaton talks to Owen Hablutzel about resilience science and recent International Permaculture Convergence. They talk about work Owen’s done in the Chihuahuan desert, utilizing keyline design in a very dry, cracked clay area. They talk about the Mimbres people who used to live in this area and their connection to willows. They talk about bringing back plants from the seedbank, and using proper rotational grazing practices. Owen talks about the importance of learning the history of a piece of land before making decisions about what to do with it. They talk about salinization of the soil. Paul talks about conifers being allelopathic, and thus conifer forests make poor “climax” forests. They talk about human roles in making a healthy system. Owen shares about frogs coming into the area. Paul talks about Willie Smits bringing back rain in Borneo. They talk about using soil tests.
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