090 – Geoff Lawton Part 2

Paul Wheaton continues his conversation with Geoff Lawton. (The first part of the conversation is discussed here). Geoff talks about the importance of cooperation rather than territorialism–we need to promote anybody we can, and offer education wherever possible. It is the opposite of how you might normally think about business. We want to maintain networks and exchanges of information, and give away more than we take. Geoff talks about layers of community (generations, cultures) we need to work in, like layers in a food forest. You find a niche and fill it. Paul mentions edge. Geoff talks about intention in permaculture. He then goes into intentional diversity, saying, “We all have a lot to share with each other.” Listener questions asked include: What are essential tools in the field for a practicing permie? What are the 3 or 4 most essential practical skills for a practicing permie? Can you talk about evaporation and rainfall in relation to chop and drop? What are your experiences with hugelkultur What does he think of Sepp Holzer? Plan on writing any books/making more dvds? Geoff says he would like to know what people want to learn about. He and Paul talk about greening the desert in Jordan. Paul talks about Willie Smits in Borneo. Geoff talks about Allan Savory. Geoff talks about doing permaculture where there is 7 mm (1/4 inch) of rain per year in Chile. Geoff talks about international permaculture, big ag changing, and “biological agriculture.”

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