089 – Geoff Lawton Part 1

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Paul Wheaton interviews Geoff Lawton. Geoff has dvds out on Soils, Food Forests, Water Harvesting, Introduction to Permaculture, and Urban Pemaculture. Paul shares aout Norris Thomlinson. Geoff Mentions Path to Freedom, and 2 families living off of half the size land that Norris was on. Geoff says that permaculture is more interested in edge than area. He also says that you design around time, and you cannot ignore your symbiotic relationship with your neighbors. Paul mentions Helen Atthowe, a soil scientist, and his and her debate over nitrogen availability in legumes. Paul then asks about the third ethic, returning the surplus to the earth and people. Geoff says you always get paid back more than your share. He talks about what abundance is to him. Additionally, he says that true wealth solves the overpopulation problem. In Queensland, kids in school have permaculture textbooks and teachers are paid to take permaculture design courses. It makes their jobs easier because it helps the kids and their attention spans. Geoff does believe that dollar profit is valuable in the world of permaculture. He would be interested in catering to dollar wealthy people, even, to teach them a course. Geoff also thinks his living systems are so strong that GMO crops will not interfere with them. He ends with the thought that taking people off the earth doesn’t save it–humanity is needed at this point.

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Credit: Suzy Bean