116 – Eco Labeling Recycling Legality

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about some more listener questions. They talk about Paul’s version of a rating system that Missoula‘s Good Food Store could use, which is similar to Jack Spirko’s Agritrue. They talk about requesting lard. Jocelyn would love to have a polyculture label. Helen Atthowe uses a veganic label. They talk about the cons about importing horse manure to fertilize with. They talk about a little girl’s sweet potato experiment. They talk about the word “organic.” Paul shares some bits n bobs, including a thank you to Josiah for all of the work on the new podcast stuff, some facts about “dumphucks,” drain zips, Ianto Evans and whether people are born cantankerous or made that way by society, and the order of the phrase, “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Paul responds to a listener question on fungal bioremediation. Paul responds to a question about building a wofati eco building with rammed earth. He responds to another question about timebanking, which Mark Vander Meer knows a bit about. Paul talks a bit about legality. Jocelyn talks about the illegality of having a clothes line. Paul talks about book and dvd pirating.
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