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214 – Further Conversations on Bodily Fluids & Waste Management Part2

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Paul is in San Francisco with Carol Steinfeld author of Liquid Gold, where they continue the theme of bodily fluids, dog poo, composting toilets and other waste management techniques, equipment and methods.

212 – Steve Heckeroth’s Farm

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Paul & Jocelyn recap the recent trip to Steve Heckeroth’s farm near Albion, California, from the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. They go over the aesthetics of his outhouses, his swimming pool and his electric tractors. They also talk about other stops on the tour.

076 – Creating an Oasis with Grey Water 1

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Paul Wheaton and Kelly Ware read Art Ludwig’s “Create an Oasis with Greywater.” It is the world’s most popular greywater book. Paul mentions the Wheaton Eco Scale, and how Art Ludwig is at Level 9. The book describes “how to choose, build, and use 20 types of residential greywater systems” in different contexts (urban to […]

008 – Beyond Organic Innovation

Paul starts off by expressing his opinions on organic practices and what he callsĀ invert organic labeling. He thinks that all foods that are NOT organic should be labeled so. If something has pesticides, he thinks it should say so. He talks about his ideas regarding something he calls thewhole foods quality factor. Basically, his idea […]