008 – Beyond Organic Innovation

Paul starts off by expressing his opinions on organic practices and what he calls invert organic labeling. He thinks that all foods that are NOT organic should be labeled so. If something has pesticides, he thinks it should say so.

He talks about his ideas regarding something he calls thewhole foods quality factor. Basically, his idea is to have a number scale in which products can be rated in a way that people could know just how organic something truly is.

Paul switches directions and tries to explain a bit more about his experiences with the podcasts and the struggles of getting traffic to his stuff. He talks about the online “gobbly-gook” and how young people own it. He mentions oasis design and how he doesn’t just want his own stuff to do well, but he wants all of the good stuff do well. He wants to make the pod listeners aware of how much they can change the world with such simple efforts on the internet. If you just go out to the tinkering forum you can find out more about how to do this.

Next Paul gets into his ideas of saving energy with car convoys and semis as well. Switching mindsets, he moves into discussing the best way to do raised beds. He continues by jumping into fluorescent light bulb and how they can be advantageous in certain ways but he much prefers incandescent. Further, he talks about how he saved loads of money in regards to energy by eliminating the clothes dryer.

Moving right along, Paul finishes up by talking about the idea of a dry outhouse and different aspects of humanure.

You can discuss this podcast on this thread at Permies.

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