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173 – Alexia Allen Part 2

Paul Wheaton talks to Alexia Allen, who is spinning wool. Paul talks about the thread, “Doubts about Holzer,” and how almost all people who do great things have detractors. Paul asks about Alexia’s benevolent dictatorship. Alexia talks about kids on the farm. She mentions Coyote Mentoring at Wilderness Awareness School. Alexia talks about bird language, […]

montana buffalo – buncha fuckin weirdos

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Just some buffalo filmed a little south of Missoula, Montana. Plus some new music from my friend Jimmy Pardo: “Buncha Fuckin Weirdos” For the part where the buffalo glot close to me, i was humming the tune. That seemed to draw them in. Relevant threads at permies (with more info about the music): http://www.permies.com/t/13946/art-music-aesthetics/montana-buffalo-song-bunc… http://www.permies.com/t/6301/art-music-aesthetics/china-pheasants-out-window […]

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127 – Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 2 Part 3

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Paul Wheaton continues reviewing chapter 2 of Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture with Kelda Miller, this time on animal shelters. Paul compares Sepp shelters to Mike Oehler structures. Both have a thick earthen roof. They talk about quickly made, less permanent structures for pigs. They talk about different woods you could use. These shelters can be used […]

119 – Ingredients Movie Review

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Paul awards the film a B, gauging its value as a farm income resource for those interested in selling superior quality farm products directly to chefs who are willing to pay accordingly for superior flavor. While the film is an excellent permaculture-related documentary, Paul suggests Geoff Lawton’s Food Forest, or Sepp Holzer’s films as better […]

050 – Toby Hemenway animal problems to solutions

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Paul takes a roadtrip and sits down to do a podcast with Toby Hemenway author of Gaia’s Garden, and a group of permies. Paul breaks the ice with Toby and they start off the discussion with the subject of deer control methods. Paul points out that Toby didn’t mention as much about this problem in […]

003 – Chickens

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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell discuss Paul’s article about raising chickens in detail. In the very beginning Paul mentions his site for java programming. Paul discusses a ranking system that covers several ways he knows to raise and care for chickens. The six ways that are discussed: 1. Factory raised 2. Coop and Run 3. […]

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