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podcast 434 – Better World Book – Vegan

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Paul has great respect for vegans. He also thinks that the current labels applied to vegans are insufficient to cover the spectrum of vegan choices. A richer vocabulary is needed to talk about food choices. Credit: Bill Crim Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion More information and discussion of this podcast on […]

390 – Review of the food cure – part 2

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In part two of two, Paul and Jocelyn continue to reflect on ‘The Food Cure’ Movie. The primary theme is how diet can affect the results of a cancer diagnosis. Can food cure cancer? Paul and Joselyn exchange anecdotes and discuss their take on the film and it’s issues. Credit: Josh Pasholk Support the podcast […]

389 – Review of the food cure – part 1

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Paul and Jocelyn review the documentary “The Food Cure”, which is about 6 people who try to heal cancer through food. The people portrayed in the movie is from all stages in life and from around the world with various different types of cancer. The majority of them try a predominantly vegan dietary therapy called […]

173 – Alexia Allen Part 2

Paul Wheaton talks to Alexia Allen, who is spinning wool. Paul talks about the thread, “Doubts about Holzer,” and how almost all people who do great things have detractors. Paul asks about Alexia’s benevolent dictatorship. Alexia talks about kids on the farm. She mentions Coyote Mentoring at Wilderness Awareness School. Alexia talks about bird language, […]