106 – Social Justice Big Picture with Kelda Miller

Paul Wheaton talks with Kelda Miller, who has taught several PDCs and is a current instructor. She spent 2 years at the Bullock Brothers Homestead. Kelda talks about ethics and admits she is a fan of Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged. She quotes Starhawk on saying that gardening is the easy part of permaculture. She then talks about setting a life up that is ethical all the way around. She and Paul talk a little bit about the third ethic. Kelda mentions Paul’s podcast on deviating from the norm. Kelda prefers to not drive a car. Paul talks about his ideal piece of land where a Paul Wheaton Community lives together in a wofati. Kelda talks about the value of coalescing into groups. Paul says that all roads lead to homesteading and permaculture. They both discuss demonstrating permaculture and responsible eco footprints. Paul talks about the benefits of 20 people living under 1 roof. Kelda talks about brains being wired differently. She talks about orienting oneself to village center and helping it thrive. Kelda asks Paul why he doesn’t give his attention to social justice if he cares about community. Paul talks about building a better world one brick at a time.
Discussing the podcast.

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