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211 – Females Peeing Outdoors

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Paul brings up the subject of women peeing outdoors and mentions how he has been trying to make a video on this subject for a long time and the difficulties in getting women to participate. Anna Birkas who is in the process of writing a book called “How to Pee Without TP”, leads the conversation […]

158 – Diapers

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Paul Wheaton talks to Kelly Ware about eco-mom-ing, and going diaperless. They talk about telling when your infant is about to go pee or poop. They talk about peeing in the sink. Kelly talks about knowing when to pee at night. Chaya from pantryparatus.com asks some questons. Chaya says kids that use cloth diapers are […]

094 – Electric Heat, Peeing Outdoors and Permies.com

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Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell about several things–starting with how happy he is about being treated well recently. He then talks about some negative feedback he has had via the internet. People tend to hold Paul to a higher standard than they hold themselves. Paul explains a few things about his article: I cut […]