157 – Knapweed

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Paul Wheaton talks to Michael Pilarski (Skeeter) on day 3 of the spring PDC in Dayton, MT. They talk about knapweed. Knapweed makes for good honey. Skeeter talks about it as a mulch, and he talks about successfully eliminating it. Knapweed is allelopathic, and exudes niacin out of its roots. Paul suggests planting trees. Knapweed doesn’t survive well around irrigation and grazing. Knapweed makes for good cooking fuel. Skeeter isn’t shy about a lot of weeds and their seeds in his mulches. Paul talks about hay vs. straw, and using alfalfa. Skeeter is not a fan of hound’s tongue. Paul talks about using bugs on knapweed. Skeeter talks about weeds as a symptom of bad land management, rather than bad in and of themselves. Paul talks about the paddock shift system. Paul talks about Allan Savory‘s work with grazing.
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