137 – Eco Farm

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Paul Wheaton and Helen Atthowe talk about Eco-Farm, a conference that goes beyond organic farming into integral land stewardship, and social justice. Helen spoke about veganic permaculture, particularly because people have been wary as of late of using animal manures due to E. coli scares. Helen teaches about green manures. Helen shares about a cover-cropping workshop she loved. She shares about a man who was able to grow organic fruit trees without spraying. Paul talks about using a sulfur treatment. Helen talks about putting in native plant hedgerows and woody species in vegetable farms. They talk about Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Paul talks about biodynamic vs permaculture farming. Helen talks about yield-thinking. Helen shares about her broccoli experience. Helen shares about her peppers with 2 months of shelf life that tasted great. Helen shares about an alternative to fruit tree pruning. Paul shares about Jack Spirko’s AgriTrue.
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