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Sepp Holzer Visit Part 1

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Paul Wheaton talks to Bill about Sepp Holzer visiting. Paul and Sepp have gotten to hang out a lot. Sepp uses his greenhouses, not only for worms, but for other beneficial insects. Sepp has experimented with transplanting things from a greenhouse, but because of the shock factor, he prefers things, like tomatoes to grow from […]

133 – Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 2 Part 5

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Paul Wheaton and Kelda Miller continue reviewing Sepp Holzer‘s Permaculture Chapter 2. They discuss the section on Ways to Regulate Problem Plants. Paul talks about his master gardener teacher, Helen Atthowe. Sepp writes about the bark beetle, and Paul talks about the need to change one’s mindset. Paul prefers the land to be messy and […]

Official “Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse” – pit construction

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I took a wee bit of video with my crappy camera while visiting Mike Oehler in north idaho. This is the official solar greenhouse per his popular book “The Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book”. The solar greenhouse is drafty, but he gets tomatoes in mid december with no added heat. I think the greenhouse construction […]

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114 – CFL Experiment Seed Saving

Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about the CFL experiment he is working on. All the incandescents are still going, one CFL out of 3 is still going, and the LED is still going. He talks a bit about LEDs, and some concerns people have about them. He responds to a question about saving seeds. […]

065 – Deviating from the Norm Part 2

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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell talk about where Paul deviates from the permaculture mainstream. Paul first mentions the deliciousness of kale chips. He then talks about how probably 1/2 of permaculture folks are vegan, and he is an omnivore. He has a lot of respect for vegans though. Paul does not use chicken tractors, but […]

007 – Masanobu Fukuoka Larry Korn

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In this podcast, Paul talks with Larry Korn in Ashland, Oregon. Larry was an intern for Masanobu Fukuoka for several years and did the translation for One Straw Revolution. Larry begins by talking about the time that Bill Mollison (the inventor of permaculture) first met Fukuoka. He also relays the stories of Fukuoka’s experiences in […]