Sepp Holzer Visit Part 1

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Paul Wheaton talks to Bill about Sepp Holzer visiting. Paul and Sepp have gotten to hang out a lot. Sepp uses his greenhouses, not only for worms, but for other beneficial insects. Sepp has experimented with transplanting things from a greenhouse, but because of the shock factor, he prefers things, like tomatoes to grow from seed. Sepp does not like liners or pipes in his ponds, because he wants the water to always be in contact with the earth. Sepp claims that people only experience allergies when plants are under chemical or other unnatural stress. He also mentions you can eat nettles as a counter-poison. Sepp invited Paul to work on a huge project in Siberia to the scale of 30,000 acres. Paul talks about Sepp’s long, huge hugelkultur bed that he has been working on, and what he would do differently. Sepp says that if you don’t have enough wood for a hugelkultur bed, just plant a ton of potatoes, even if you do not harvest them all. They will grow and grow and become the organic matter. Sepp talks about helping some kids that live, parentless, in a dump, grow food. Sepp has 200 projects worldwide helping people who have been given the short end of the stick. Sepp uses gravel to clean and oxygenate water. Sepp is currently keeping water buffalo for cleansing ponds and lakes of their excess vegetation and balance out the system.
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