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155 – Professionalism

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Paul Wheaton talks to Bill Schneiders in Lakeside, MT. They talk about the corporate world. They talk about money, and how people value networking. Paul talks about starting permies.com, and setting up the PDC with Skeeter that is going on right now. Paul talks about favoring those on his daily-ish email. They talk about being […]

071 – Being Noble

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Paul Wheaton and Kelly Ware talk about being noble. Kelly shares about growing grapes in Montana, and making elderberry jam and fruit leather. Someone made a political cartoon of Paul on reddit, and someone else made a comic strip of Paul and cast iron. He reminds people to sign up for his daily-ish email list. […]

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069 – Building a Better World

Paul Wheaton starts his conversation with Kelly Ware sharing about his take on the portable rocket mass heater. Paul is frustrated that the general masses are not ready for his information. Paul mentions the rocket mass heaters are. Paul and Kelly talk about the pain of “small talk,” and living lives of substance towards their […]

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062 – Fiction Book List

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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell host the podcast on the beach (while being laughed at by passerbys for being geeks on their phones) to talk about different fiction books and magazines that are relevant to the permaculture community. Paul explains he isn’t sure why anyone would want to listen to a podcast with him listing […]

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