071 – Being Noble

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Paul Wheaton and Kelly Ware talk about being noble. Kelly shares about growing grapes in Montana, and making elderberry jam and fruit leather. Someone made a political cartoon of Paul on reddit, and someone else made a comic strip of Paul and cast iron. He reminds people to sign up for his daily-ish email list. Paul will be firing up book promotions, but just for the mailing list. Paul thanks all of the people at permies.com who genuinely communicate peacefully. Kelly talks about the importance of paying attention to whether we are being destructive or creative. Paul asks that everybody use their first and last name in the forums, and if they don’t feel comfortable, to use a pseudonym that is realistic. Paul thinks it breeds more integrity and decency, rather than having something to hide behind. Paul talks about using the eco flag as a weapon, mentioning a woman who got death threats for her column speaking against CFLs. Paul shares a quote from the Dalai Lama that reflects this. Paul shares about a friend’s story. He uses something similar to the Wheaton Eco Scale to assess the situation. They talk about Christian and Buddhist self-reflective growth, and not bashing whole packages (religions, beliefs, ways of living), but just the people that make them suck. Kelly quotes Thich Naht Hanh on choosing which seeds (thoughts, emotions) you water, which carries over to the idea of changing what you look at in people. Paul says to use permaculture to build the new and good rather than to stop the bad. Paul only wants to use symbols, like the peace sign, if the symbols are not abused by hostile people touting what they stand for. Paul and Kelly finish by mentioning the spring PDC with Michael Pilarski and Sepp Holzer, as well as the Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference this November.

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