383 – Uncle Mud – part 1

Paul talks to Chris McClellan aka Uncle Mud about Rocket Mass heaters. Chris was one of the innovators at the Innovators Event and will also run the appropriate technology course Jul. 9th – Jul. 20th (tickets available on website from Jan. 1st). They talk about the Cottage Rocket, The Butt warmer, The Ring of Fire and a Season extender to put into a green house which can withstand wet conditions. They discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using pebble vs. cob as the mass in the Rocket Mass Heater, and touch upon the use of a glass casserole lid as the door in a batch box. The discuss the “Minny Mouse” heater used in “The Love Shack and the modifications they made to it and how it improved the heat retention in the leaky shack.

Credit: Dawn Hoff

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