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podcast 394 – Permaculture Smackdown on Appropriate Technology

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In this podcast Josiah and Paul have a good talk about the Appropriate Technology Course that is going to be taught at Wheaton Labs this year. Paul and Josiah discuss what they think are the types of technologies that are applicable to the realm of permaculture. They talk about how these technologies are used to help reduce the amount of toxic stuff in our environment. Much of the talk is about energy tech, such as rocket mass heaters, food dehydrators and electric tractors.

They talk for a while about the structure and layout of the ATC (Appropriate Technology Course), as well as a new event for the year, called the Brown and Purple Schmoozaroo at Allerton Abbey. This will be a community building event for folks who want to mingle and dabble in the Wheaton Lab events, but don’t want to get overwhelmed with laborious ATC activities all day long. It’s a little more laid back approach to making permaculture community. It’s free to anyone who has already been to the lab before and you can stay for a few days or all five weeks. This event coincides with the Peasant PDC.

The biggest project that will be handled during the ATC, will be a complete overhaul of the electric tractor. So many modifications need to be made, but once it’s complete, the tractor will be one of the biggest assets at Wheaton Labs. Come on out to the ATC, PDC, Peasant PDC or the Schmoozaroo. All the links are located below.

Credit: Craig Dobbson

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