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podcast 393 – Joseph Lofthouse on plant breeding – part 2

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This is part two of a discussion between Paul, Jocelyn and Joseph Lofthouse. It’s a continuation of their conversation from part one.
In this part they start off by talking about the difference between the terms Open Pollination, Heirloom and what Joseph refers to as Promiscuously Pollinated, because he likes to focus on keeping a ton genetic variety in his garden. He really likes yellow crookneck squash, so in order to keep the diversity up, he plants 50 varieties of them in one place. Every year, he adds about ten percent of chaos into the mix of seeds that he’s selected. Again, this is all for the diversity and potential for better, stronger crops.

They talk a little bit about the observations that they make and how you can learn a lot about your land and seeds so that you can have better harvests. There are so many interactions between species of all sorts, that you really have to be paying close attention to pick up on some of the tiny details that can make or break a crop.

This podcast is so packed full of information and wonderful conversation between people who really care about spreading the word about landrace growing and permaculture practices. See the links below for even more from Joseph Lofthouse.

Credit: Craig Dobbson

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