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podcast 392 – Joseph Lofthouse on plant breeding – part 1

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In this podcast Paul and Jocelyn sit down with Joseph Lofthouse and talk about seeds, plants, breeding plants and foraging. Joseph is known and admired for the specific way that he breeds plants to achieve results that few other plant breeders have been able to duplicate. Joseph is passing through wheaton labs on his way to an organic plant breeders conference and along his journey will be teaching a little bit about what he’s up to.

Joseph is a landrace gardener which means he breeds plants to be genetically diverse so that they can be more resilient to all that nature can throw at them as well as be super delicious and reliable. The result is a plant variety that can adapt and overcome a wide range of conditions and circumstances that most other plant of that species cannot. Joseph uses no soil amendments, fertilizers, compost or mulch in his garden. Growing in poor soils allows Joseph to select only the absolute best performing plants. Because of this, when other people grow his seeds in their own fertile soils, they often have outstanding results.

This is part one in a series of talks with Joseph. Be sure to look out for part two coming soon.

Credit: Craig Dobbson

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