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podcast 391 – Permaculture Smackdown on Residual Income Streams

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In this podcast Paul and Josiah talk about residual income streams. A residual income stream is small trickle of money that comes in by way of work you’ve done in the past. Some examples are the creation of advertising on web pages, articles, videos and other digital content. Paul was able to quit his day job and focus solely on permaculture stuff from these small income streams. He goes on to explain how he’s been able to buy land and equipment through several different versions of income stream development.

They go on to talk about real estate, investing in land and people. There are also things like adsense and adwords but as a counterbalance there are things like ad-blocking software which can make things tough. Permies.com has created a new method of advertising that is less annoying and works well. It’s called thread boost.

Along with reducing expenses, residual incomes can really help you to reduce your debt, and reinvesting.

They go on to talk about Youtube, Amazon, ebooks, newsletters, articles and so much more.

Some other small income streams include renting stuff out on craigslist, renting rooms, car advertising and even just creating tons of links and affiliate stuff online.

Credit: Craig Dobbson

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