podcast 395 – Review of the Song of Increase

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In this podcast, Paul and Jocelyn sit down to talk about Jacqueline Freeman’s new book “The Song of Increase” which is about honeybees and the sounds that they make as a colony and individuals. They talk at length about the different sounds that bees make to communicate with each other about the overall health and well being of the colony. Jacqueline has been at the forefront of understanding this song and has written a guide for folks who want to get a better understanding of how bees know what they know as well as how they plan for the future. The goal of any bee colony is to store food, raise healthy babies and eventually split the colony in two and swarm to begin a new colony. This is the song of increase. Paul and Jocelyn, talk about how awesome Jacqueline’s observations and interactions have been and a little bit about how they think this new knowledge in beekeeping might help folks to be better friends to their bees.

Credit: Craig Dobbson

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